Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a room with a view

I was feeling in the need for something a little escapist last night, so I Insta-watched A Room with a View on Netflix. I don't think I've seen it since it was originally released in 1985, at which time I thought it was the most beautiful and romantic thing since my teenage obsession, Brideshead Revisted. It's a great film, not least of all for the pretty Edwardian fashions and for its Italian and English settings.

(Click on the movie screen captures to see them bigger!)

I think I'm supposed to like Lucy's romantic, frothy, white lace outfit here, but instead I'm loving Eleanor Lavish's smart tie, pouf shoulders, and straw hat.

The film is gorgeous, just pure eye candy to look at. The settings are more beautiful than the clothing really. I adore all the tans and taupe-y colors used in the costuming; they are a perfect foil for the Italian fields and English gardens.

Even the sparkly eveningwear is taupe (which I happen to adore). Of course, the real star of this movie may be Helena Bonham Carter's hair, which I could not stop staring at. It's enormous. It's tamed into a long braid in Italy, at the beginning of the film, but later on it seems to develop a life of its own, exploding out of the updos its been swept into, becoming a kind of metaphor for Lucy's exasperation with Cecil and George.

I did love the rare color in scene: the red outfit, plum-colored hat, and patch of purple flowers.

Here's brother Freddie, sartorially resplendent in a crazy-wonderful striped jacket and straw boater. And floppy hair, of course. It runs in the family!

Lucy with buttoned-down Cecil, and somewhat tamed hair. I love the gorgeous satin and lace peasant top she is wearing--elegantly bohemian and so romantic!

Some Julian Sands eye candy for the ladies. Lucy's black chiffon dress--what we can see of it--looks gorgeous. Sadly, we don't get to see much more of it.

Watching the film again inspired me to search Etsy for Edwardian fashions. Here are some of the prettier things I found (click photo to go to the listing; seller's store name and link beneath photo):


  1. Loved that movie too, lucky you to have watched it again!
    Have you seen Bright Star?

  2. My husband is away for the next week which makes perfect opportunity to curl up and watch a few (or 9000) movies. You so know both A Room and Brideshead are on the list! Sigh.

    Thanks so much for including my camisole in this post. It's such an honor!!

  3. I have the soundtrack to that film and it will always be one of my favorites.

  4. i just love that film and still have a girl crush on Helena!

  5. I've never seen it. It's going on the Queue now though. I love dressing from a movie part. I often do my own "Alice" version on a daily basis, from wonderland.

  6. thank you so much for including the Crochet blouse from my Etsy store. A Room with a View, such a romantic movie..........

  7. Pegg, I loved Bright Star, and kept thinking of it as I was watching Room again. (Bright Star has also inspired me to paint our bedroom white later this year!)

  8. oh its so inspiring! but it's the humongous hair that really tickles me! how did they pull that off every morning??

  9. I have a hard time remembering helena bonham carter as anything but a eccentric tim burton heroine. must watch this....xox

  10. AMAZING post! I was alone last night (never happens) and was looking for a costume drama to watch and I gave up for some reason. Thanks for reminding me of how awesome this movie is. I know what's at the top of my Insta-watch list (and my fiance, Brian's, Never-watch list ... haha)


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