Sunday, January 31, 2010

a sunday kind of love

I love Sundays. Andy usually makes a special dinner. Masterpiece Theatre is on the TV. I get to take my Sunday bubble bath.

And I post Etsy shop updates!

1950s black eyelet wiggle dress.

1950s plaid blouse by Ship 'n Shore.

1960s red houndstooth print dress.

Oatmeal wool cardigan with dark chocolate brown trim.

1950s olive green baroque print dress by Nelly Don.

The cutest! 1980s sweater with bunnies and carrots.

1980s fuchsia career girl dress with bow belt, by Henry Lee Petites.

1950s folklore birdie print blouse.

1960s mustard swiss dot and lace babydoll dress.

1960s mod swirl print dress by Sonni California. (This one reminds me of all the swirl-shaped jewelry we saw at the Calder exhibit!)

1950s navy and olive plaid schoolgirl dress.

India print maxi-dress.

1950s or 1960s L'Aiglon cerulean pucker chiffon dress.

1960s black-and-white striped mod dress.

1950s nylon red polka-dot dress by Shelton Strollers.

1960s pumpkin pintucks babydoll dress.

And finally, my favorite find of our road trip, a 1950s black taffeta party dress with beaded skirt!



  1. Great stuff! Love that bunny sweater. Billy is laying on the floor fighting with Rudy right now yelling "This is NOT the circus!" What's Lucy up to? Hopefully nothing as violent as what is going on here. We pooped on on Sunday dinner and ordered a pizza.

  2. Ummmm... yeah, I meant to say WE POOPED OUT ON SUNDAY DINNER. Geeez. It's super funny that I posted that we pooped on Sunday dinner.

  3. I bet that bunny rabbit sweater is going to go soo fast, betcha betcha. :)

  4. Bethany, I love that you posted "pooped on Sunday dinner" and that you didn't delete it! :D And I love that Rudy. Lucy is snuggled up as close to me as she can get--she is a heat vampire in winter.

    Jessica, I know, isn't it the cutest? And springy, too.

  5. i take a weekly (sometimes two) bubble bath them.

    and i want to know more about the 1960s mustard dress, it is pinned on the form? size? might need that...

  6. Hey, Lauren! It's not pinned, but it does hang a little funny, doesn't it? I'll have to take a look at the darts.

  7. Your Sundays sounds absolutely delightful!!

    I looove the mustard colored is gorgeous and so fun!

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