Sunday, January 3, 2010


I do not know where the above term came from, but it leapt unbidden to my mind when I was thinking of a title for this post. Which is, of course, a preview of accessories coming to the shop soon. Lots of bags, some hats and shoes, all with an aim to improving your outfit and... (oh, I hate myself) making it a Success!

I sure hope this term is something I heard on a stupid SNL skit and not an actual invention of my own brain. That would be so sad.

Black velvet and satin hat.

Miss Cherry Blossom 1955 hat.

Black velvet pillbox hat with ribbon and veil.

Andrew Geller kiltie pumps with top stitching.

Justin red kiltie lace-up boots.

Mod 1960s two-tone purple suede pumps.

Wine suede mary janes.

Mexican tooled leather purse.

Gold brocade clutch purse.

Black leather chain handle bag.

Gold floral brocade clutch or cosmetic bag.

Tweed purse by Markay.

Round gold grosgrain purse.

Enid Collins Jewel Garden bag.

Mod eggshell blue and aqua Gladstone bag.

White, pistachio, and gold purse.

Distressed leather briefcase.

Collapsible, portable mod floral knitting/sewing/crafting bag.

Gentleman's travel shaving/grooming kit.

And a sneak peek at the clothing also coming up this week!

Mod orange and purple paisley drop waist dress.

Soft charcoal gray polo neck sweater.

1950s blue and violet dress by Joan Miller Juniors.

Red cardigan with gold buttons.



  1. i shall call you...Temptress! what size are those lovely little kiltie pumps?

  2. Lots of amazing finds here....I can't even pick a favorite!

  3. i just finished photographing a pair of red justin ropers!! those hats are gorgeous.. wish i had a hat head.

  4. Alex, they are marked 8AA on the store sticker.

    Thanks, Amanda!

    Michelle, I, too, wish I had a Hat Head!

  5. I LOVE everything !!! every single piece !!! I particularly love the Miss Cherry Blossom 1955 hat.

  6. I am WAAAAAY behind on blog reading with the holidays and moving and all. Just wanted to pop in and wish you and Andy a fabulous 2010. And congratulations on hitting the 500 mark. The shop rocks.


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