Monday, January 11, 2010

embracing winter

When you live in a place that is cold and gray most of the winter (like Michigan), you can handle it a couple of ways. You can complain a lot, dream of warmer places, stay indoors, or go out and try to embrace it.

I try to do a combination of the last two.

My best friend Stephani visited us this weekend and we first embraced the winter by having a bonfire Friday night (after we dressed Lucy up in this ridiculous elf costume that Stephani bought her--thanks, Stephani!).

We got some rare winter sunshine on Sunday. It heated up the house (the whole side of our house is a wall of big windows), making us all a little lethargic, so we stepped out for a bracing walk on the lake.

I love the lake most in winter. I think it's at its most beautiful then.



  1. Lucy is SO cute! I would totally be terrified to walk across a frozen lake, but would love a lake to be my backyard :)

  2. You doggie is so sweet! I can't even get mine to go outside to do his business this time of year. He just shivers and stands there... Lucy could teach him a thing or two!

  3. Lucy is so darling!

    The snow looks so gorgeous! I have lived in Ohio all my life, and moved further South a few years back. I never, ever thought that I would miss the snow, but I certainly do!

  4. Can I kiss that dog!? I can totally sense her happiness of having fun on a winter day from these pics. Love em!

  5. 想像是什麼並不重要,想像能做什麼才重要........................................

  6. Oh... you almost make me miss Michigan winters, almost... but I was horrible at embracing it! Looks darn pretty though, and your pup looks adorable!!


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