Saturday, January 30, 2010

more calder

I was very happy to see that the Alexander Calder jewelry exhibit finally made its way to Grand Rapids.

It opened at here at the
GRAM last night, so Andy and I went to see it. It was, of course, fantastic. Oversize brooches and giant necklaces made of hammered brass. Below are images of a couple of my favorite pieces (one is The Jealous Husband, worn by Anjelica Huston).

Most of the jewelry was from the 1930s and 1940s, and had an abstract, tribal look to it. When I think of the fashion of that time, I think of rather buttoned-up suits and dresses with shoulder pads. It's a little hard to imagine typical women of the time wearing these pieces. They are definitely wild and avant garde.

Kind of like me. Hee hee.

(Vintage 1950s or 1960s knit dress, thrifted like a million years ago. Boots and cardigan, J. Crew. Tights and belt, Target.)

Lord, do I hate having my photo taken. That is the best out of a series of 12. And here's the boy and the dog, looking effortlessly adorable as usual.



  1. hehe - my boys are like that too

  2. What interesting pieces of jewelry and I love the print of your dress!

  3. love that look, K ~ you could be my fairer-skinned sister here ;)


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