Friday, January 1, 2010

2009--the year in review

2009? I truly can't complain. It was a good year, both for Small Earth Vintage and for us personally. We took some great road trips and got to spend time with friends and family.

In January we celebrated the inauguration of a new president.

I got to visit my best friend, and we viewed the sparklies dangling from the ceiling at the Detroit Institute of Art.

Andy and I visited my parents in Colorado and we saw the wonderful
Designing Women of Postwar Britain exhibit at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Museum, which included this dress fashioned from fabric designed by Marian Mahler. I am still dreaming of these textiles.

In February we took one of many thrift trips up north, where we discovered the delicious beer at Traverse City's
Right Brain Brewery.

In March, Andy cut my hair!

And I celebrated my 40th birthday in NYC with the best friends a girl could ever hope to have.

In May, we rolled on over to the Motor City, where we ate Polish food at Polonia and visited the amazing
Heidelberg Project.

And in May and June, we made a major change to the business when we started listing more items on Etsy. We'd signed up with Etsy in October 2008 and sold a few items, but didn't start really taking it seriously until now.

1940s La Valle platform peeptoe slingbacks

Which was timely, because in July, we had one of our biggest vintage finds in 10 years--certainly our biggest ever find for vintage women's clothing--when we purchased a house full of 1940s-1970s women's clothing and accessories!

And--I started the blog.

In September we celebrated Oktoberfest.

In October, we had a visit from Stephani and took her to a corn maze to celebrate her birthday.

We also had a visit from my dad, and celebrated his birthday with walks around downtown Grand Rapids to view some of the ArtPrize offerings.

November brought another fun-filled trip to Detroit, including a visit to the Avedon exhibit at the DIA and German food at the Dakota Inn.

And December was all about decorating the house, baking cookies, and shopping on Etsy for Christmas presents! And, of course, dressing Lucy up as Little Edie Beale.

We wound the year up last night with a quiet little party with a few friends over, eating fondue, drinking martinis, local beer, and prosecco, and in a Casa de la Freska party tradition, reading aloud from Suzanne Somers' book of poetry. (Seriously. We really did. That is probably deserving of a post of its own.) I ended the night with post midnight catch-ups via cellphone with my most beloved loved ones in Denver, Detroit, and NYC.

I hope your year was a happy one, and that 2010 brings you health, prosperity and very good times!



  1. What a great post! Love your shop, and love your blog. Im excited to get to know you. :) Happiest of New Years! Let's see how 2010 can kick 2009's butt. (Your 2009 seemed pretty good!) Have a fabulous day!

    Iris :)

  2. Karen, I love that picture of you with the yellow sweater and red lipstick. My eyes are so happy with color. :)
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! What a fun post going through the months! Cheers to 2010! ♥

  3. Happy New Year friend! So glad to know you. Cheers and all the best to you three in 2010!

  4. aw, i think Lucy looks great as Little Edie!!
    You definately had a good year - Happy New Year xo

  5. I'm in awe of all you accomplished this year! I think I'm going to try doing a post like this on my blog. You are an inspiration, lady.


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