Thursday, October 29, 2009

weekend with dad!

My dad came to visit us for his birthday! That's him, with Andy. Did you see the childhood pic of him I posted a few posts back? Doesn't he look just exactly the same? Cute, right? I call my dad Hoss because he worked on a ranch in Montana when he was a youngun. He's a wonderful, sweet guy--which makes sense, since he sells sugar.

Anyway, he was only here for a few days, but we had so much fun. Here, he and Andy are watching some fisherman reel in a GIANT king salmon on the Grand River downtown.

I had to walk away because I was fearful I would have to see some terrible scene, with the fisherman bashing the huge fish in the head to kill it...but he ended up letting it go.

Here's a pic of my shoes and the hem of my raincoat. I like to think of these vintage oxfords as my "lady cop shoes," but Andy keeps calling them "nun shoes." I think he is doing this just to make me mad...but he is the one who found them.

Love the typeface on these bricks.

This was Lucy's favorite. Obviously.


Leftover ArtPrize piece. Kind of Wicker Man-ish, dontcha think?

Here's Nessie in the Grand. Now she's over by the zoo.

Three different delicious shades of beer at Founders.

We went thrifting with Hoss. Luckily, he enjoys thrifting, too--up to a point. And the Birthday Boy brought us good luck! We hit several stores where I usually don't find jack, and I hit the jackPOT in nearly all of them! Or, at least, found something worthwhile. You'll see the fruits of this thrifting shortly. I'm hoping to get it photographed soon, weather/new indoor photo lab permitting.

We took Hoss to dinner at our new favorite Grand Rapids joint,
Corez Wine Bar. First, I have to say: neither of us is much of a wine drinker. I do not know how to pick a wine. Sometimes I like a red, sometimes a white. I think I like dry, but maybe I like sweet and sparkly. I don't know; I am confused. Well, someone at Corez writes up the wine list in a totally funny and approachable way that makes it slightly less confusing. My dad, who does like wine, got a kick out of it.

Also, Corez has great food. Really, really great food. In two visits, we've eaten/tasted: BLT risotto, shellfish stew, steak, gnocchi, savory pumpkin panna cotta (!), olives, stuffed dates... everything was fantastic.

But the kicker (for me) was that they have a Classic Cocktail list. I know this is probably no biggie to those of you in Big Cities. But around these parts, a vanilla-melon-pomegranate concoction frothed up in a fancy glass still counts as a "martini." So when I see a drinks menu that actually includes a Manhattan made with Bulleit bourbon and fancy bitters, and a Negroni--well, I'm sold. Dad and I loved the Manhattans we had pre-wine.

If anybody ever wants to come visit us in fancy Grand Rapids (we have an ArtPrize now!), we'll take you to Corez. Not that I'm bribing people to come visit me. Yet.


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  1. sounds like a fun visit! we just finished hosting an epic week-long visit from The Boy's mother, sister and dog, the former of whom reminded me that no dinner conversation with the family is complete without a troubling reference to "the Blacks."


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