Wednesday, October 7, 2009

my best friend

It was my best friend Stephani's birthday on Monday, and she spent a long weekend with us. Look at her! She's just as cute now as she was when I first met her at the Henry Holt fax machine almost 20 years ago!

If I didn't know Stephani, I wouldn't have met the love of my life, Andy, and I wouldn't be selling vintage clothing, either.

We always have a blast together. We started out the weekend at a Polish hall, sharing some delicious Polish food, courtesy Grand Rapids' Pulaski Days.

Aside from eating, Stephani and I also love walking around. So we headed downtown with Andy and Lucy for some ArtPrize viewing.

Lucy and a rubber tire sculpture in Calder Plaza.

Steph and I both loved the Beerhorst Family Wonder Wagon.

We had a delicious dinner out with friends at Corez Wine Bar. (As usual, Steph and I, shared our meals. Having a best friend who has similar tastes and likes to share is fantastically convenient!) Afterward, we visited a local favorite, the Pickwick Tavern, where Andy cracked us up with stories of his childhood.

We ended the weekend at an orchard, where, after fortifying ourselves with hot cider and doughnuts...

...we entered the Corn Maze!

I felt pretty safe from the Children of the Corn in the company of these two--they're both strong and fast.

It was a fantastic weekend! But then, I always have fun when Stephani is around.

Happy Birthday to you, my friend! Here's to many more years of sharing food, pleasant strolls, afternoon cocktails, movie and trash TV-watching, and road trips. Love you!

(If you want to see more photos from our weekend and ArtPrize, you can check them out on my Flickr page.)


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