Wednesday, October 21, 2009

happy things

The world's cutest pair of wee bird vases, by catherinereece on Etsy, filled with dried flowers from my friend Roberta.

Spicy, smoky lapsang souchong-scented perfume, ideal for autumn.

My new necklace from
Etsy's whiteowl. I'm not usually one for the bling, but I could not resist this necklace's burnished coppery-brassy tones. (And my honey, of course!)

Autumn leaves, even when they are sodden with rain. Maybe especially when they are sodden with rain.

These ridiculously delicious peanut butter and strawberry jelly truffles from
VintageConfections on Etsy.

Dino and Shirl.

My dad coming to visit for his birthday! (That's a photo of him as a cute little tot.)

Oh, yes. And these beauties. The Circus b'zerkus handmade red leather pumps by
Zerkahloostrah on Etsy. Which Etsy bought for me the other day. Yep--for real! As if I didn't already love Etsy enough. They bought me shoes. HANDMADE shoes. How amazing is that?



  1. wah!? did i miss something? etsy LIT-RALLY bought you shoes!?!?!

  2. I *just* shot pics of wet fall leaves on the ground yesterday.

    One of these days I will send you a lil box of the chocolates I make allll day every day. Good shtuff.

    And yeah... more details on the buying of the shoes please? Did they just owe ya one or whats the fabulous scoop?!

  3. yeah, what's up with the shoes?

    heh, i LOVE those little vases from catherine. once i get settled east my the etsy shopping spree is ON!

  4. Okay, the @Etsy Twitter account has been having a promo, trying to get 1,000,000 followers. They asked fellow Twitterers to post an item from their Etsy favorites, with the hashtag #myetsy, which I did with the Zerkahloostrah shoes (which had been in my Etsy favorites for nearly a year, almost since I signed up on Etsy). Next thing I knew, I had a Twitter message from @Etsy asking me to email my address and shoe size to Etsy because they had bought the shoes for me. I had NO IDEA they were purchasing some of the #myetsy items--I definitely would not have been so greedy!

    Crazy! But super-cool, right?

  5. Those shoes are so fabulous! I saw the tweet about Etsy buying them for you... I initially thought it was a joke, until I clicked on the link & saw the shoes were sold. You are such a lucky lady :) Gotta love Etsy!

  6. I'm so jealous over those shoes! I've loved that seller since I joined! Lucky lucky you! And so generous of Etsy to buy those (they ain't cheap!) Make sure to post some pics! ;D

  7. wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow!!!!! and to think i missed that whole thing @Etsy. ah well. i have some fab shoes from HUzzah!Vintage, so I'm okay. now if I could just fit into a couple of those dresses I got from you...better stay away from those chocolates!


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