Thursday, October 1, 2009

she had me at Huzzah! + an accessories update

I have a new favorite blog, and if you're not reading it already, you should be! It's the Huzzah Vintage! blog. The Huzzah! Vintage shop on Etsy first caught my eye because, well, I love the exclamation "Huzzah!" and its association for me with this guy:

The shop is wonderful--interesting items (I am fascinated by
this 1940s bejeweled perfume compact) and beautiful photography. But the blog is marvelous. Very smart and funny, with lots of pretty pictures and writing on a range of topics, from the style of the First Lady, to television makeup, to magical thrifting tales! Huzzah! Go check it out.

And here's that promised accessories preview.

Vintage leather briefcase.

A nifty, rustic fold-out treasury or jewelry box.

Circa 1920s or 1930s brown leather mary janes.

1920s or 1930s brown mary janes

Mod pilgrim pumps.

Raspberry suede 1950s D'Orsay pumps.

1960s chocolate two-tone pumps.

1970s-1980s belt buckles.

Brown suede belt with gold filigree buckle.

BIG goldtone turtle pendant necklace with moving parts.

That's it! Hope everyone is having a good autumn weekend. It's cold and rainy here, but my best friend Stephani is visiting (it's her birthday Monday--Happy Birthday, Stephani!), so we are having lots of fun!



  1. I haven't seen that blog yet, thanks for the intro!

  2. can you guys see me blushing through the screen? I'm totally farklempt!

    Thanks so much for this sweet introduction, Karen!

    xo gg

  3. i have my dad's old leather briefcase like that. i even have the portfolio that goes inside it -

  4. Haha that deer buckle is hilarious! I wish it were a shirt! Fantastic fold out basket thing too!

    Huzzah! hee hee. Makes me think of unitards. ?! ;D


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