Thursday, October 8, 2009


That is the view from the deck, i.e. where I take photos, i.e. my workspace. Lucky, right? This is just the best time of year--and the colors aren't even at their peak yet.

You're lucky, too. Look at the lovely vintage items coming your way soon!

L'Aiglon black dress with brown embroidery.

Cute little pouf-sleeve cardigan.

Great print shift. It has some fading, but is still really cute.

Plaid pleated skirt.

Sheer shirtdress in autumn colors.

Yellow and amber rose print blouse.

Pixie-ish blue knit dress with Peter Pan collar.

Pleated red plaid wool skirt.

Paisley print shirtwaist dress--more autumn colors!

Short sleeve fisherman style sweater.

Blue chevron dress by Henry Lee.

Stripey knit top.

No. Words.

1940s or early 1950s cream corduroy jacket with mother-of-pearl buttons.

Olive plaid schoolgirl dress.

1970s jacquard sweater.

The cutest print dress.

Look at the terrier in the sweater!

Wild 60s roll collar sheath.

Gorgeous wool knit green rose print shawl collar wrap dress.



  1. that black and white bell skirt dress! I. Die.

  2. F'real! That black and white dress is amazing! (so is your view!)

  3. I'm surprised I'm still alive after touching, photographing and gazing at it! It's buh. Na. Nuz. (okay no more Zoe-ifying. I used to not like her, but I have to admit, I kind love her enthusiasm and it is *totally* infectious. Especially when you have beautiful things in front of you.)

  4. Gorgeousness!!!! *Almost* relieved I can't fit into the dainty vintage clothes... you know, otherwise I'd have no $$ for the bills ;P


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