Thursday, September 18, 2014

shop preview: masterpiece prints, wool, and Harris tweed

This week's shop preview has a number of lovely prints, which naturally brought to mind a few artists:  Matisse, Pollock, and Haring.  And for those of you looking to warm up your wardrobes for autumn and winter, the cozy wool knits and Harris tweeds are starting to make their way to the shop, too--including some classic men's jackets.

All items begin arriving in the shop starting today.

1960s silk Matisse Rose print dress.

Blue honeycomb knit sweater with lace collar.

1930s print rayon dress with belt.

1970s sheer chiffon floral print blouse.

1960s Pollock brushstroke print dress with linen collar by Carol Brent.

1980s Haring print wide neck t-shirt.

1940s coral wool chenille knit belted sweater and skirt set by Lofties.

1950s lipstick red Orlon sweater with bow.

1950s The Botanist fruit and leaf print dress with chartreuse leaf pocket and piping by Princess Peggy.

1970s plum plaid wool women's blazer.

1940s apple print dress and jacket set.

Hand knit wool whale sweater vest.

Men's herringbone wool Harris tweed jacket.

Men's light brown Harris tweed jacket.

1960s red and black checked wool Hudson's Bay jacket.


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