Wednesday, September 24, 2014

shop preview: all the decades (almost)!

This week's shop preview is rich with textures from crepe to mohair, intricate embroidery, and hues from pale pastel to bright primary.  And it includes something from every decade from the 1920s to the 1970s (except the 1930s--drat!).  All items begin arriving in the shop tomorrow.

Floral embroidered Tea in Tangier dress, by Hornburg for Calypso.

1970s oatmeal tweed midi skirt with pockets, by The Villager.

1940s pink crochet knit dress.

1960s mod exploding flower knit top, by Zio.

1970s sheer dark floral bohemian dress.

1970s does 1940s salt and pepper knit top.

1920s ecru crepe wrap dress with lots of pintucks and open embroidered circles at the hems.

1960s striped mustard mohair open turtleneck sweater with drawstring waist, by Alex Colman.

1950s gold-painted paisley print dress with scalloped collar and pockets.

1950s blue and green plaid Pendleton pleat front skirt.

1950s brown and olive plaid dress with Peter Pan collar.

1950s black Forstmann wool coat with mink collar, styled by Fleetwood.


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