Tuesday, September 16, 2014

i spy: dark forests, fairy tales, and a young beauty queen

Lots of drama and darkness catching my eye this last month (as always, really).  I can totally picture someone running through the forest in that Dior dress, pursued by something frightening!  I guess I'm getting in the mood for autumn.

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clockwise from top left:
*Actor Rudolf Rittner in costume for Fritz Lang's Die Nibelungen, Part II, 1924.  The set and costume design were inspired by Carl Otto Czeschka's Die Nibelungen book illustrations. | Truus, Bob & Jan too! on Flickr
*Beautiful stormy photograph of San Francisco's Cliff House, ca. 1900. | Wikipedia (and more incredible Cliff House photographs here)
*A lovely found photo of Geneva, who went to the World's Fair as a beauty competition contestant, ca 1933. | The Wayfaring Dreamer on Flickr
*Dress by Mme. Eta Hentz, spring/summer 1944. | Metropolitan Museam of Art
*Still Life with Bouquet of Flowers and Plums by Rachel Ruysch, 1704. | Wikipedia

*Cocktail dress by Yves St. Laurent for House of Dior, spring/summer 1958. | Metropolitan Museum of Art
*Caspar David Friedrich, Tagenszeitenzyklus: Der Abend (Times of Day: The Evening), 1821-22. | Wikimedia Commons
*Cover of Uilen Geluk (The Happy Owls), illustrated by Theodorus van Hoytema, 1895. | My Owl Barn on Flickr
*Eugen Krüger, Stag. | via
*Heinrich Lefler illustration of Schneewittchen (Snow White) for a 1905 fairy tale calendar. | via


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  1. I love your I Spy features. I do believe that we both want to inhabit the same fantasy world!


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