Thursday, September 4, 2014

shop preview: autumn leaves, polka dots, pulleys, and rule breaking

Coming to the shop this week:  dresses with great details from lace to embroidery to a snappy scarf collar, hardworking separates (including the coolest ballerina wrap sweater), a very interesting print for the mechanically inclined, and an autumn leaf dress!  Oh yes, and also two white dresses.  Post Labor Day.  Fashion rule makers are spinning in their graves.

All items arriving in the shop starting today.

1960s Wintergarten embroidered dress by R&K Originals.

1940s brown skirt with buttons, Styled by Jackie.

1960s white linen dress with cocoa polka dot scarf collar by R&K Originals.

1950s celery green ruffled shirtwaist dress by Toni Todd.

1950s rosy pink floral print blouse by Shapely Classic.

1950s autumn leaves print dress.

1960s rosette print sleeveless blouse.

1960s yellow shift dress with butterfly appliques.

1970s pulley novelty print blouse.

1960s Anne Fogarty white linen dress with cream lace.

1960s forest green dress with Peter Pan collar and pintucked bodice by Old Greenwich.

1950s brown striped huckaback folk skirt.

1960s sky blue paisley crepe dress.

1950s Romanticism dress with two-tone sash belt.

1950s black wool ballerina wrap sweater with fringed sash by Dorothy Korby.

1950s blue polka dot blouse and skirt set by Majestic.


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  1. I always knew you were a rule-breaker!

    That scarf neckline on that R&K dress is so great


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