Thursday, June 26, 2014

shop preview: pink flowers, red polka dots, birch tree pants, and Wonder Woman

Pink carnations, red and white polka dots, filet lace, modern lines, birch tree pants, and Wonder Woman!  You'll find all of these and more in this week's shop preview.  All items arriving in the shop starting today.

1950s Pink Carnations print cotton piqué dress.

1973 Wonder Woman t-shirt.

1950s black cotton dress with crochet mesh and cutwork bodice.

1950s pink on black atomic flower print Brentwood cotton dress for Penney's.

1970s birch tree print pants.

1960s purple and pink tulip and gladiolus print dress.

1960s modern print trapeze dress.

1960s pale sage green pintucks blouse, New Era by Peter Pan.

1960s floral print dress with scarf collar by Lynda Lou.

1950s chrysanthemum print polished cotton long tunic top or lounge jacket with frog closures, by Paulette Chicago.

1950s two piece nautical blouse and skirt set.

1960s woven folkloric skirt.

1960s reversible gingham dress with giant daisy eyelets and scalloped hem.

1960s Art School Confidential abstract print dress by Simplicity Frock.

1960s pink and yellow floral print top by Lady Palmland Miami.

1970s Gypsy Feather print dress.

1950s red polka dot dress with bows on the shoulders and lace trim.

1950s Bodleian print cotton blouse.

1960s embroidered and filet lace-trimmed linen sheath dress by R&K originals.



  1. Zomg. What are the measurements on the black-and-pink atomic flower dress? I'll have to stay tuned!

    1. I love the black florals, too! It has a 36" bust and 27" waist.


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