Wednesday, June 18, 2014

shop preview: bright poppies, antique crochet lace, and a lighthouse skirt

This week's shop preview is just bursting with bright colors and fantastic prints!  The first several items are already in the shop--you can go directly to them by clicking the description link--and the rest are arriving shortly.

1950s Wedgwood blue embroidered dress and top set, by Henry-Lee.

1950s pink peony print blouse, by Shapely Classic.

1960s bright floral print dress, by Alex Colman.

1940s rose pink linen dress with rhinestone flowers.

1960s orange and blue plaid shorts.

1950s white embroidered dress with bow belt, by Carol Rodgers.

1960s red and pink rose print cotton sleeveless blouse.

1960s PHUKET print linen dress.


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