Friday, June 20, 2014

shop accessories preview: bags, 1940s oxfords and bow ties

Here is a small shop accessories preview:  tapestry bags, some 1940s oxfords, and bow ties.  The first bag is already in the shop; everything else is arriving shortly.

1940s Butterflies and Blooms large needlepoint tapestry bag by Christine Custom Bags (in the shop!).

1960s floral tapestry bag by Town & Country.

1940s taupe leather oxfords with triangular cut-outs.

1960s pink and gray striped silk adjustable length bow tie.

1960s gold paisley silk adjustable length bow tie.

1950s Dots and Dashes clip-on bow tie.

Sorry, guys and gals.  It looks like Pickles will be keeping this plaid bow tie!


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  1. Pickles looks like a very dashing gent in his new tie!


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