Wednesday, June 19, 2013

shop preview: a mini wardrobe

I usually have a little bit of everything in my shop previews, and this week is no exception.  Actually, size aside, I think this batch would make a great little wardrobe, all on its own!  It contains a little black dress, a pair of jeans, and some great layering pieces.  All items coming to the shop this week.

1950s black lace and piqué dress, by Kim Kory.

1950s sky blue summer weight cardigan with scalloped Peter Pan collar.

1940s pink dress with stitch print, by Smart Set.

1960s nautical red and blue striped button-back blouse.

1940s blue Deco dot print crepe dress with rhinestone buttons.

1960s golden threaded Das Werk skirt.

1960s black crepe wiggle/cocktail dress with layered, tiered skirt.

1960s brown gingham oxford collar blouse.

1950s cotton floral print dress with bows on the shoulders, by McMullen.

1920s nautical white crochet lace blouse.

1940s cotton floral (feedsack?) dress with rick rack trim.

1950s indigo denim women's jeans, by Stockton of Dallas.



  1. LOVE the 40's Feed Sack con Ric Rac.

  2. Such a pretty update! I'm crossing my fingers that some of them are my size. :)

  3. You have gorgeous dresses in this update! Will be checking out the 50s floral one!,

  4. Oh I just love the little white blouse.....and the 40's dress....not so good for the snow we have here at the moment.....but so very pretty.
    love V

  5. I think I love everything in this post!


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