Thursday, June 6, 2013

i spy: Scottish knits, ladies' legs, a German composer, and a chicken hat

German composers, Weimar era films, gingerbread-y German houses...and ladies' legs?!?  Yes, there may be more than a couple themes running through this post.  There's also a gal with a chicken on her head.

These monthly posts (maybe I should do them more frequently) are a pretty good glimpse of what's going on inside my head.  I have been thinking and reading a lot about Germany lately, and that includes listening to German music, and putting Weimar era films into my Netflix queue.  And I continue to be in love with Chanel's Paris-Édimbourg collection.  If you click through the link to Style Bubble next to the photo credit, you'll find a great post by Susie Lau about the small Scottish knitwear company--now owned by Chanel--that is producing the knits.

I would like to be that lady on a train in Edward Hopper's painting.  (Maybe wearing those daisy applique tights!)  In fact, I've been thinking about travel even more than usual lately...expect to see many more things of an Austrian nature (beyond that certain favorite actor of mine) showing up here!  (See more on my Tumblr and Pinterest.)

1 / portrait by Bassano of French actress and singer Alice Delysia in a chicken hat, 1918. / National Portrait Gallery
2 / Ronald Colman and May McAvoy in Ernst Lubitsch's Lady Windermere's Fan, 1925 / via
3 / actress Rose Leslie wearing Chanel's Paris-Édimbourg collection / Style Bubble
4 / German composer Richard Wagner / via
5 / detail from William Morris' Bullerswood carpet / via

1 / still from Gold Diggers of 1933 / via
2 / women's accessories, 1969 / via
3 / Compartment C, Car 293 by Edward Hopper, 1938 / via
4 / designer Adrian showing his work to Greta Garbo on the set of Wild Orchids, 1929 / via
5 / Wernigerode, Germany / allthingseurope



  1. I love Chanel's Paris-Édimbourg collection too. It's just gorgeous!

    How's the German language learning going?

  2. Chanel's Paris-Édimbourg collection is now in the boutiques. Now, if I only had 20 or 30 thousand to spend, I'd be a very happy person!

  3. Oh the William Morris carpet is so beautiful......imagine that in a big hall.
    Have a simply splendid weekend.
    love V

  4. there's a lot of good stuff going on in your head. Love this post/series!


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