Thursday, September 6, 2012

shop preview

This shop update has suede tulips, studded crepe, snakeskin corduroy (!), and an art nouveau print.  All coming to the shop over the next week.

Suede tulip cape.

1930s studded pumpkin crepe dress, with a FOGA (Fashion Originators Guild of America) label.

1960s art nouveau print top.

1960s autumn paisley print shirt dress, by Lady Bayard.

Hand woven red wool mother and daughter skirts from Madawaska Weavers of New Brunswick, Canada.   Madawaska Weavers was open until sometime in the 1980s, and all the skirts, ties, and other items sold were designed in house by Rollande Gervais, one of the daughters of the shop's founder, A.J. Gervais, and were woven by hand, in part by local St. Leonards, New Brunswick women, operating out of their own homes.  Click this link to read much more about Madawaska Weavers.

1950s sexy black knit dress, by Kimberly.

1960s snakeskin print corduroy tunic.

1960s colorful, wild print maxi dress by Alice of California.

1950s cropped raspberry jacket, designed by Stefan for Briarbrook.

1950s heathered ice blue sweater dress, by Bobbie Brooks.



  1. The mother and daughter skirt set is too adorable and snakeskin print corduroy? Awesome!

  2. super awesomeness! that pumpkin crepe dress is the younger sister of a slightly
    more matronly 40s dress I had and the studs were a stud!


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