Wednesday, September 19, 2012

early oktoberfest in detroit

Andy and I didn't do much (any, really) traveling this summer.  But we headed out to the D--Detroit--last weekend to have fun with our friend Stephani.

En route.  I love a pretty old movie theater.

Really expensive but neat old swimwear at an antiques mall.

At Sugar House for cocktails.  Andy has this expression on his face a lot when he's with Stephani and me.

Stephani's roommate got this as a white elephant gift, and it's one of the most magnificent things I've ever seen.

The DIY Fair in Ferndale.  Wow, was it ever crowded!  I ran into a couple of my Etsy/Twitter/vintage seller pals by chance, which was very cool.  (Hellooo to Timnah and Bethany!  Hope you guys each had great sales.)  I didn't get to shop much as I was helping Andy to wrangle Ms. Lucy.

There were lots of cute dogs at the fair.  And Lucy got stopped every few feet:  "What kind of dog is that?  How old is she?"  Lucy thought every human--and there were tons of them--had a dog treat to give her.

I want to live in this house.  It even had good music--Tom Waits and the Clash--emanating from it.

It was perfect weather.  Stephani made us mint juleps and we enjoyed them outside.

Aw, yiss!  We had an early celebration of both Oktoberfest and Steph's birthday.

Nothing says Oktoberfest like a beer barrel light fixture.



  1. Looks like a fun weekend and I love your boots! YAY for boots weather!

    That white elepahnt gift is pretty amazing, though I don't really know what 'white elephant' means…? Ralphie is the same when it comes to walking her around at markets. Everytime someone goes to pat her she starts the "where's my treat" sniff. :)

  2. That looks like a pretty sweet weekend! I totally want a glowing barrel light fixture. And is that a Valley of the Dolls themed thingie that your friend got? Whatever the heck it is, it's magnificent.

  3. let's all set up shop in that house like some kind of vintage selling commune....

  4. Heaven help me but I LOVE that Jantzen guy form.


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