Wednesday, September 5, 2012

i spy

Game of Thrones-inspired fashion, 1930s delinquents, and Helen Mirren wrapped in the flag--just a few of the images that grabbed me last month.  I think I need to get a copy of W to see the rest of these "Dame of Thrones" photos.  I also cannot believe I've never seen Intermezzo, and must remedy that soon.  I adore both Ingrid Bergman and Leslie Howard, and the image of the two of them on the poster is so lovely.

1. William Morris Blackthorn wallpaper, 1892 / Metropolitan Museum of Art
2. 1922 dress by Madeleine Vionnet / Worn Through
3. "Dame of Thrones": Kristen McMenamy by Tim Walker for W, September 2012 / bienenkiste
4. Golden Grotto lipstick and perfume presentation by Lucien Lelong, ca 1935-1940 / FIDM Museum
5. Autumn Interlude by Charles Robinson, ca early 1900s / my delineated life

1. Two models in plaid skirts, photo by Sante Forlano, ca 1958 / Corbis
2. Intermezzo film poster / lesliehowardforever
3. 1930s teen delinquents / tothecabaret
4. French fashion photo, 1938 / Past to Present
5. I just love Helen Mirren; there's a series of these--click the source to see them all / vivarad



  1. I think you'd like to see Richard Armitage in the flag. or not in the flag....

    1. Oh girl. You know it's true. Either way, with or without!

  2. Helen Mirren is amazing.

    And if you ever see a pic of Richard Armitage in a flag… send it my way! ;)

  3. I want to be friends with those girls.

  4. Have now added these delinquents to my "fashion inspiration" list along with Anna Karina, Jeanne Moreau and Katharine Hepburn.


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