Monday, September 10, 2012

a new look + an accessories update

It's the first shop accessories preview of the month!  A few of these are already in the shop; if they are, you can click the link under the photo to take you to it.

Also, I changed up the blog header.  Is it annoying that it's such a vertically huge photo?  Let me know.

1950s metallic olive green strappy high heels, by QualiCraft.

1980s black Italian brogues with heels.

1920s black leather shoes.

1940s brown alligator (or alligator texture) oversize clutch.

1950s fur beret with grosgrain ribbon bow.

Mid century modern abstract print scarf.



  1. I like your new shop header, very fall friendly! and those little 20s shoes are so adorable....little flapper lady feet...

  2. Love the top pair of brogues and the new header is large but lovely! I love the polka dots and the colours.

  3. I love LOVE the dress in your new header photo. In fact... I want it! [what's new with me ;)] BUT, since you asked, yes, I do think that the size of the photo and its vertical orientation are not as visually appealing.

    1. Thanks, Jenn! That dress is a beautiful oldie, long since sold. I think I'm going to have to replace the banner with something else. I tried just making it a bit smaller, but it looked weird in the giant space blogger gives you for a header!


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