Tuesday, May 8, 2012

shop preview

It's another misty gray and cool spring day in Michigan.  Is it sunnier and warm where you are?  In case it isn't, there are a couple sunny brights in this preview that might help cheer you.

1950s yellow ribbon stripe day dress.

1950s plaid sleeveless blouse, by Queen Casuals.

1960s orange polka dots and ruffles dress, by Coffee Break'R.

1950s cropped gingham jacket.

1950s striped shirtwaist dress, by Serbin.

1960s pink nubby skirt, by Loomtogs.

1960s plissé pleat damask print shift, by Ruth Walter.

1950s plaid little girl's dress.

1930s chiffon and lace gown with velvet ribbons and lace.



  1. It's rainy here in upstate New York, but the colorful preview helped brighten things a bit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It has been a mix of sunny and grey here but even when it's sunny the air is cool (sometimes a little too much especially when it's windy!).

    Love the cropped jacket.


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