Monday, May 7, 2012

april showers...

...bring May inspiration!  A peek at the pretty, cute, and sometimes odd things that caught my eye last month on the internets.

1. The cutest baby animal ever? A wild boar piglet.  Painting by Hans Hoffmann from 1578. /// Wikimedia Commons
2. The decoupaged walls of the Print Room in County Kildare, Ireland's Castleton House. /// via
3. Katharine Hepburn and her sisters, ca 1939--gorgeous ladies, great style, and Kate's pants! /// vintagegal
4. Serge Gainsbourg dishes out not just sexy French pop, but worldly wisdom. /// via
5. Pink pixie + vintage dress + amazing coat = inspiring London street style. /// Street Style Aesthetic
6. Amazing paper light sculpture by Nicholas Wright. /// via

1. The Lantern Parade by Thomas Cooper Gotch, 1918 /// We Love Paintings
2. Project for an art nouveau apartment house facade by architect Hans Schlechta, 1901 /// booknbuildings
3. Incredible bee-embroidered gown by Jacques Doucet, ca 1900-1905 /// Les Arts Decortifs
4. 1978 McCall's Embroidery Book /// Girl of 100 Lists
5. 1963 Penguin Books edition of The Fall by Albert Camus /// scatterkeir
6. Stylish Lucille Baldwin Brown, the first black public county librarian in Tallahassee, Florida. /// Of Another Fashion



  1. I think that piglet is in the cutest stage of it's's about to become a huge, hairy, dangerous creature...ha!

  2. I love the black and white photo of the girls enjoying eachother's company and laughing as well as Lucille, I never knew about her and now want to do some research.


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