Thursday, May 10, 2012

dapper don

Just in time for Fathers Day gift shopping, I'm adding some men's stuff to the shop.  It's mostly 1960s stuff, and since we're in the midst of the new season of Mad Men, I naturally can't help myself thinking of Don.  (Though I want to think about Roger.  I really do.  I love him.  But--other than the great acid trip scene with him in the towel turban and bathrobe--we never see him in anything other than a suit.)  Speaking of which...

Here's a sharp dark brown sharkskin suit.  However the label...

Huh.  Truth in advertising?  No!  It really isn't's lovely sharkskin, in excellent condition.  I'd sure love to know the story behind this.

Remember that loud plaid suit jacket Don wore to Pete's dinner party?  This pewter gray plaid sharkskin number from Hart Schaffner & Marx is a bit more subdued.

1960s green and orange plaid shirt by Westbrook.

1950s McGregor plaid cotton pullover.

1960s Kamehameha Hawaiian shirt.

1950s paisley print shirt by Swim Mates.



  1. oh dear lord....shit!! on earth...? I think I prefer Roger over Don...if there's a ever a competition!

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That label is gold!
    I use to be a Don girl but lately I've been swayed a little by Roger. I think it must be his ever increasingly brilliant lines.

  3. i'm dying over that label!!!! i did a double take to make sure i was reading what I thought I was reading.

  4. No doubt, that is the funniest label ever!


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