Thursday, May 3, 2012

maximum density

This spring, my eye has been very attracted to dense prints.  Concentrated?  Overpopulated?  Prints lacking white space.  When these prints are small and floral, they are often known as "ditsy prints."  The prints that are drawing my eye are not necessarily floral, and not necessarily small--but they are concentrated!  Below are some particularly lovely examples from Etsy (click the collage to see it bigger).

1. 1960s novelty print cotton blouse / MsTips
2. 1960s apple print dress / TheCircleIsCast
3. 1940s gray silk dancing in the moonlight print dress / AnatomyVintage
4. 1930s blue meadowsweet dress / mamaleanne22
5. 1950s floral tapestry purse / GingerRootVintage
6. 1950s carnation bouquet dress / Planetclairevintage

And a few more examples currently in the shop.



  1. Thank you for including my blouse!! Just in time for spring. Love the 1930s blue one.

  2. Great picks, I love your 60s dress that looks like a wonderfully overgrown garden! Thanks for including my purse here :)

  3. In love with the gray silk 40s number. Too bad it's not my size (and more in my price range!).

  4. Very pretty!
    I'm really loving red prints and florals at the moment and that carnation dress is so lovely. :)


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