Thursday, November 11, 2010

holiday wishlist--the scottish edition

It's that most wonderful time of year again! And I'm still obsessed with all things Scottish. So, in (temporary) lieu of a trip to Scotland, I'll take any or all of the following for Christmas, thank you. (Start shopping now if you want them to arrive in time for the holidays--all items with the exception of the last one come from Etsy sellers based in Scotland.)

Since I do my packing and shipping in our freezing cold basement all winter, I'm pretty sure I need a pair of these gloves, from seller clovaknits. They might be the only thing standing between me and a horrible Numb Hands Tape Gun Incident.

I love everything in 13threads' shop, but particularly this tailored yet romantic herringbone tweed jacket.

Tuwhittuwhoo has the best shop name on Etsy. And the shop is full of cute things, like this adorable appliqued tablecloth.

The quirky and very funny work in paulofnavarone's shop makes me smile. Even though his name reminds me of the Guns of Navarone toy that I never got for Christmas (see last year's wishlist post).

This Harris tweed houndstooth satchel from breagha is just the bee's knees!

I would have to keep it on a high shelf away from Lucy (of course, that's how she's used to seeing most squirrels), but I do love these wild-eyed herringbone baby squirrels from dragonhouseofyuen.

Aaaaand here it is, from thedoghouse, pretty much the perfect thing for a childless couple obsessed with their dog (erm, not that I know anyone remotely fitting that description): the doggy advent calendar! Brilliant.

Have I mentioned lately we're removing all the disgusting carpet in our house? Thus, I am obsessed with rugs of all sorts, but particularly with cute crocheted ones, like this from emmalamb.

And, finally, this is more of a need than a wish--I have got to get some Pastels cds.



  1. My father is Scottish. He's got the best knit/ wool wear I've ever seen. It may only take two hours to drive across the island but there is so much to see. Those mittens would be much needed over there...and so cute. As for crochet rugs if you have warned mine was in threads by the time I came home.

  2. Wow - I feel very lucky to be living in Scotland in such proximity to these awesome holiday gift ideas! & even more lucky to have my doggy advent calendar included amongst them - thanks Karen ;-)

  3. Love those gloves and clovaknits has some awesome pillows too!

  4. Great to see that great makers from Scotland are noticed! Love the blog! Thanks 'sunshinescot'

  5. thank you so much Karen for adding little Gnat to your wishlist :)
    he is having a wonderful time poking around your blog!
    many thanks! Annette

  6. Karen, I think as a health and safety requirement you need to invest in some 'high-viz' knitty workwear as a matter of urgency! What I beautiful find - only problem - I don't think I'd stop looking at my hands!! Thank you for the feature. Ellen

  7. And if you were to come to Edinburgh right now you would need those gorgeous mittens...and a hat and a scarf and a big warm coat and definitely an umbrella!
    Great selection...and, of course, thank you for including me.

  8. Go Scotland! I have to get me one of those squirrels. Too cute.


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