Friday, November 12, 2010

before, during, after

Andy and I went out to dinner last night to take advantage of Grand Rapids' first-ever Restaurant Week. We ended up going to Bistro Bella Vita, an old favorite, because we were too slow to make reservations at super-fancy 1913 Room.

I wore a newly-acquired vintage fur collar. I was going to sell it in the shop, but decided to keep it. I attached a pretty moss green satin ribbon to it to fancify it up a little.

Something I didn't realize about fur collars: they are really, REALLY warm. The last time I wore fur (vintage, naturally) was in Montreal in March, several years back. Last night was an unseasonably warm evening, and I was quite toasty, bare arms and all. I'm showing the cape I wore here, as proof that I do wear it, since it was an item I'd previously shown on the blog in a shop preview and then--very rudely and selfishly--kept. Bad Karen!

Anyway, despite our delicious meal at Bistro, it was a depressing Restaurant Week, as with it came news that two of my local favorites, Bloom and Corez, are closing. This is very sad news, as both places served amazing, innovative food using local ingredients (and amazing cocktails at both places I should add), and restaurants that do that are very scarce indeed in Grand Rapids.

On another note, here's a little Before (well, During, really) and After peek at what we did to our bedroom!



  1. You look so nice, I love the fur collar, it's so elegant!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. i can see why you kept that cape ~ great cut and plaid.

    did you guys paint over the panels? they always make it look so easy on hgtv, but i would probably approach such a project with much trepidation!

  3. ohh the bedroom looks so fresh and clean!! yay!!

    vintage is cool and all but when it comes to wood paneling - bah!

  4. Thanks, guys!

    I actually like the paneling we have in the house--most of it is a really nice cherry wood. I like the dark, cabin-y feel of it. But I wanted an all-white bedroom, so we painted the walls in there. And G, it's definitely do-able. We primed and then had to put 2-3 coats on to get it just right. Another thing we discovered is it's best to use a medium-nap paint roller; it helps you get paint into the paneling grooves more easily.

  5. that cape is cuuute.
    & ...nice room!
    sorry 'bout the fave restaurants closing.
    maybe this will cheer ya.....


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