Thursday, November 4, 2010

name dropping

I am a bit proud of this preview. Not to be all name-droppy, but...Tina Leser. Anne Fogarty. And you'll start to see in this preview some holiday party-worthy items, to get you all ready for this season's festivities. (I've already found the perfect skirt to wear to any party I'm lucky enough to attend, even if it's only the rather intimate Small Earth Vintage holiday gathering.)

Oh, and a couple of you have been asking me about the Paul Klee skirt. Well...scroll on!

Plaid taffeta and black velvet party dress.

Mustard wool sweater, by Adelaar.

1960s scallop/fish scales print dress.

1950s Ionic columns print blouse, by Shapely Classic.

1950s green and brown checked wool shirtwaist dress, by Nat Turoff.

1950s red corduroy skirt with cute pockets!

Chocolate brown and black check wool jacket with bow neck, by Kimberly.

1950s silk shantung floral print dress, by Stephan Ltd.

Caramel silk blouse.

1980s does 1940s cocoa crepe dress with ruched waist and silver beaded neckline.

Mod plaid lined raincoat, by Sears.

1930s or 1940s black rayon crepe dress with tons of soutache trim on the bodice.

Mod plaid and polka-dot dress with striped belt (it has it all!), Now is the Time by Puritan.

1950s bird and flower print cardigan.

1960s purple and peacock blue Indian silk dress, by Tina Leser.

1950s black and brown pinstriped blouse, by A Glamour Original.

The Mermaid Queen! A 1950s sea green lace and gold taffeta gown with jacket, by Corrine Original.

You may have seen this on the blog before. Well, I've finally decided to sell it! Paul Klee print full skirt (with separate, matching button-close waist sash), by Modern Jr. (See my previous post about this neat skirt here.)

1960s Grecian style drop waist dress, by Sacony Ciella.

Navy blue cardigan with embroidered stars and nautical flag appliques.

Gorgeous silk taffeta purple and forest green rose print skirt suit, by Nelson-Caine.

Navy silk taffeta swing jacket with rhinestone embellishments at collar, by J. Doctor.

1960s wavy tiger stripe knit dress, Collector's Items by Anne Fogarty.

Velvet ribbons, lace, and pearl embellished cardigan, by Alice Kaye Originals.

1930s black rayon crepe dress with velvet waist and floppy velvet bow.



  1. The Klee skirt! I would *love* to purchase it if it's my size; could you let me know the waist measurement? (wingstofly87 at yahoo dot com)

  2. wow...there are SO many pretties here! that scallop print is amazing.

  3. wow, the 80's did the 40's so beautiful with that cocoa crepe dress!

  4. drop those names, girl! I'm a vintage tag whore - no apologies.

    and to everyone else: hands off my skirt! ;)

  5. Love the story about the skirt. Nothing is better than digging up some information like that on what ends up being pure vintage gold. Thank you, internet! :)

  6. I am lovin' that Tina Leser. And the 30's black rayon crepe.... and a couple of the blouses. Sigh. Lookin' good lady.

  7. wow, what amazing finds! I am in love with that nautical flag cardigan..I hope its not too tiny!

  8. i'm with bombshell bettie, that cardigan is terribly cute, perhaps my size?


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