Monday, June 7, 2010

swimsuit sneak peek, part 1

Here's the first part of the swimwear sneak peek. This represents a little less than half of what we have; in other words, there are many more cute suits to come! If you see something here that you like and that you'd want me to move up in the listing queue, just let me know.

Adorable sky blue gingham bikini.

Ethnic print maillot, by Cole of California.

Ruffled hot pink suit, by Jantzen.

Zip-front feather and flower print maillot.

Bikini with a Calder-esque print (parts of it look like a mobile!), by Triumph International.

Lace side maillot, by Robby Len.

Mod flowers bikini, by Sirena.

Turquoise skirted maillot, by DeWeese Design.

Marigold print maillot, by Cole of California.



  1. Oh wow! This is just in time for my vacation! Loving the marigold print maillot and the ethnic print maillot by Cole of California. Are these small, medium, or large?

  2. love the bathing suits!!
    I looking at couple of dresses in your shop and they too big for me but I'm still drooling over them! The lady with those measurements shall be a very happy girl!!

  3. They're a variety of sizes, A. The ethnic print suit is marked a 12 (I'm guessing it will measure an S-M), and the marigold print is I believe in the same range, possibly an L.

  4. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Are you selling these? I really like the Mod bikini.

  5. Yep, Heather, they will all be for sale!

  6. sweet lady gaga these are AMAZING! when i read on twitter that you had a ton of suits i was jealous, but now... JEALOUS. BEYOND. WORDS.

  7. I adore everything !
    Your blog is fabulous !


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