Wednesday, June 2, 2010

summer is ready when you are

It's already feeling like summer here. And I have the mosquito bites to prove it! Also, I'd better make a hair appointment soon before the heat and humidity drive me to a regrettable home hair-cutting act. But summer also means no more boots and tights: just flowy and lightweight skirts and dresses, and delicious Hendrick's and tonics with cucumber slices.

And lots of flowers and color (and some basic black and white, too) in this week's shop sneak peek!

Cabbage rose print dress, by Jean Leslie Junior.

Ice blue Peter Pan collar blouse (very reminiscent of my Catholic schoolgirl days).

Abstract yellow and gray print dress, by Greenleaf New York.

1960s modernist starburst print top, by Caper-Mates.

Herringbone linen belted sheath dress embroidered with marigolds.

1970s red calico print tie-waist button-up skirt, by Robinson's Southern California.

Circus stripe ruffle-bottom sundress, by Dan-Ellen.

Mustard glen plaid blouse, by Majestic.

1940s rayon crepe dress, trimmed with rhinestones and soutache, by Carrie Walker.

Color block oversize gingham print blouse, by Laura Mae Life Blouse.

1960s sailor dress, by R&K Originals (so many cute R&K dresses out there!).

A-line birdie print skirt, by David Brooks Ltd.

Black and white gingham dress with sweet double-petal collar.

Golden floral print blouse, by Shapely Classic.

Abstract woodgrain floral print dress, by Westover Packable.

Green cotton mini-gingham print blouse, by Kentworth.

Watercolor paisley taffeta dress, by Marjorie Montgomery California.

Owl applique skirt.

Salmon pink mini-dress/beach cover-up, by Catherine Ogust for Penthouse Gallery.

Fabulous lock and key novelty print blouse, by Playmates.

1950s mustard bas relief vine print dress.

Magenta and olive green paisley blouse.

1960s fanciful clouds and flowers print dress.

Orange paisley print top with smocked cuffs and puff sleeves.

Linen, lace, floral embroidery, and fringe trim on this 1950s sundress.

Tiki print blouse/jacket, with wooden barrel bead buttons.

Chic 1950s black rayon dress with beading at neck.

Sheer shabby chic floral chiffon cropped top, with button-up back.

Wild floral print linen dress, by Young Cosmopolitans, Best & Co.

White lace and pintucks blouse, by Rhoda Lee.

Lavender lace print dress with lace and satin ribbon at waist.

Yellow floral print blouse, by New Era.

1950s nubby daisy print top and full skirt two-piece outfit.

Orange paisley print blouse.

Leaf print dress, by Castelli.



  1. That owl skirt and floral linen dress were gorgeous finds!

  2. that owl makes me smile. The starburst top is super RAD, and the dresses are lovely as always!

  3. How can you put this much cute vintage in one post? We are spoiled. BRAVO!

  4. That first dress is just screaming summer garden party! I wish summer would hurry up and begin already, it's weirdly warm and rainy here today, almost tropical, very strange.

  5. That cabbage rose print dress is to die for!! :0)

  6. i just found your blog and etsy shop. so many lovelies. these are my faves from this group:
    1960s modernist starburst print top,Color block oversize gingham print blouse,1960s sailor dress,Black and white gingham dress with sweet double-petal collar,Owl applique skirt. it would be awesome if we could just click on a photo and get right to the listing.

  7. Thank you, Marie! I wish you could click on these and go right to the listing, too...because that would mean I had listed them! :D I'm running a little behind right now, but these will begin appearing on Etsy starting tomorrow. In the meantime, you can see my latest listings on the little Small Earth Vintage Etsy Shop mini on the upper righthand side of the blog (click it or the listing to go right to the shop).

    But you've put an idea into my head. Maybe I should be editing the blog photos as I list them to go to the Etsy shop. I'll try to do this!


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