Friday, June 18, 2010

a calico skirt and the summer moon

Last night Andy and I went to check out a new brewery in Sparta. Sparta is a tiny farm town near us surrounded by fruit orchards. So, going for a microbrew in Sparta is kind of like looking for fine art at the mall's Thomas Kinkade store. Nonetheless, the beers were pretty tasty.

I wore this calico print wrap skirt I recently found while thrifting. (By the way, that sweet ride isn't mine. I wish!)

There were three handmade wrap skirts, all together in a row on the rack at Goodwill. It was obvious they were all made by the same person. Each had a little extra patch pocket sewn onto one of the hip pockets. Two were calico; I kept this one but gave the other (in a spring green floral print) to my best friend. They are amazingly well-made, much better than anything you'd find in a store nowadays--they even have linings! I love the contrast piping. And the two calico skirts both have a really clever belting system that involves D rings at the front waist, rather than the traditional belt ties.

As cute as the skirt I wore last night is, it's not the cutest of the three. This one was a bit different and I almost didn't pick it up at the store. It was unlined and just a plain stonewashed blue with a leaf print. It wasn't until I looked near the bottom hem that I saw this:

How adorable is that little mouse? And the mushrooms! Had to keep it.

The blue in that skirt is almost the same color as yesterday evening's sky. I took this photo at about 9 pm--the sky still blue with a pretty crescent moon.

As we drove through the countryside, the sky remained blue well until 10 pm. With the surrounding trees black against the blue sky, it reminded me of Rene Magritte's L'Empire des Lumières.

Here's to long, lovely summer evenings!



  1. You look lovely in that skirt, such a great thrifting find!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. you look adorable and that sounds like a wonderful nite!

  3. Your haircut is super cute! I love the mouse and mushrooms detail on that skirt!

  4. Mr. Mouse is definitely a keeper! :)

  5. Adorable skirt, that little extra pocket is such a fun detail and that mouse/mushroom print is soooo cute!


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