Sunday, June 20, 2010

city mouse or country mouse?

Having lived for 11 years in New York City, a part of me always has been, and still is, a City Mouse. Though I escaped the city to live in what is, essentially, the country, I still love my trips into "the city"--whether that be to visit friends in New York, my best friend in Detroit, or more frequently, downtown Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids is not a big city, but its downtown is pretty thriving, especially lately. It seems like a new bar or restaurant opens every week. Saturday night was evidence of this. We went out to celebrate 900 sales on Etsy (yay! Thank you to our lovely customers), and had to drive around forever to find parking. Public transportation is one of the things I really miss about New York. Anyway, I wore this wonderfully lightweight 1950s dress with matching belt, and because the dress is fairly sheer, a vintage deep blue Van Raalte full slip underneath. The slip came from our big estate buy last summer. And I added this chalkware dogwood brooch, which I appropriated off another dress from that same estate buy.

Here's Andy, all dressed up in his favorite style: 1960s prep. As you can see, he also is sporting a new haircut. It's a little shorter than I like on him, but I think it goes well with his vintage plaid shirt.

We had a lovely night, meeting up later with friends for cocktails at my beloved Viceroy.

On Sunday we spent a little time on the lake. Here's Country Mouse me (and Lucy) in the canoe. I'm in my typical lake gear: swimsuit, gingham shirt as cover-up, water shoes, and giant hat. This was taken just after I had a small freakout about a bug that I had to remove from my decolletage.
Ah, nature.

I am not really an outdoorsy person. Well, I shouldn't say that. I'm not the type of outdoorsy person who likes: sports, loud and fast boats, heat and humidity, bugs.

I am the type of outdoorsy person who likes: slow paddles around the lake, hearing and watching the birds in the trees, shady walks in the woods, and floating in the lake with a bottle of beer.

Sunday was pretty bustling (with human life) on the lake. But there were other creatures, too.

There are always lots of dragonflies (one bug that doesn't bother me a bit!). This one caught a ride on the canoe.

I guess I love the city and the country. I'm very lucky to be able to get frequent tastes of both. I hope your weekend was lovely, wherever you spent it!



  1. That dress is lovely! I'm definitely more of a city person, but it's nice to get out to the country once in while. Love the pictures of Lucy in the boat!

  2. I'm a small town girl who once in a while craves bigger and better places than here, I am however always happy to come back home.
    I love the shot of Lucy with the lily pad gorgeous!

  3. As alwasy you look wonderful. I think you can be both! You have to ability to appreciate the goodness in both worlds. :)
    PS- the canoeing looks fantastic!

  4. I'm so with you on the outdoorsy-ness. Your photos make it look so lovely, but then I think of the bugs and humidity and my allergies. I think I need a tinted, climate controlled bubble in which to venture outside :P

  5. Both have their advantages, but I have to say that despite growing up outside of Detroit, I prefer the small town. We live in one now, and it's kind of a pain having to drive an hour or more just to see a physician or get to the vet, but (to me) it's quieter, less stressful than the hustle of a big city, and of course is closer to the countryside. Of course, I do love visiting cities (Pittsburgh is closest), but after a while it's like sensory overload and I need to escape into a park or garden.

    Beautiful dress! I have a few sheer vintage beauties and am always too skittish to wear them...

    It's great to hear GR is doing so well. :)

  6. and i'm still really loving you with that cutey cute haircut!

  7. loving all the 'what i wore' posts (and that there is nary a pigeon toe in sight ;)

  8. Oh, the water lilies! What a lovely day on the lake :)

  9. Lizzie 27, 2010 at 5:30 PM

    I love the Lucy snoot shot! Adorable. I love hearing that another of our cities is making a comeback.


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