Wednesday, September 2, 2015

shop preview: gold lamé, purple satin and a space age mod top

A fantastic 1940s abstract print dress, gold lamé, purple satin, and a crazy space age mod top:  all are coming to the shop this week!

1940s Rhapsody in Blue print dress by Eisenberg Originals.

1960s old timey fire engine novelty print blouse by Stratford Shirtmaker.

1970s celery green and tan plaid belted blouse and skirt set by Schrader Sport.

1940s bejeweled arrows suit jacket by Lady Renlyn.

1950s rose pink cotton Coffee Shop waitress uniform jumper dress.

Tan fair isle Scottish Shetland wool sweater by Lady Clansman.

Boombox abstract print bodycon dress made in France.

1940s abstract floral/tree branch print seersucker robe/house coat, styled by Pinebrook.

1940s purple satin dress.

1960s gold lamé sleeveless top.

1950s blue paisley patchwork print dress and jacket set.

1960s mod space cadet dot print top.


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