Wednesday, September 30, 2015

shop preview: blue lace, botanical cotton, old school Abercrombie, and an embroidered panda

I'm loving the range of patterns and textures in this week's shop preview:  pale blue lace, plaid Viyella (wool and cotton blend on an old school Abercrombie & Fitch dress), botanical print cotton, patchwork wool . . . and a cute embroidered panda!

All items begin arriving in the shop today.

1950s red plaid Viyella dress with arrows! by Abercrombie & Fitch.

1960s paisley cornucopia print West German wool sweater with wooden buttons.

1950s pale blue lace party dress, by Henry-Lee.

1950s black raindrop embellished knit top.

1970s cotton bohemian apron dress.

1950s botanical print skirt with large patch pockets, by Paddle and Saddle Sportswear.

1970s daisy print dress with ruffled button placket, Cobbies by Cos Cob.

1970s embroidered panda bear sweater.

1940s blue glen plaid Glenhaven jacket and linen skirt.

Vintage Jersild patchwork pattern wool cardigan.

1960s abstract print jersey shirtwaist dress, by Sanford Originals.

1950s plaid cigarette pants, by F.S. Tiger Co.


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