Thursday, August 6, 2015

shop preview: a Mad Men dress, a tulip blouse, satin basketball shorts, and a floral jumpsuit

This week's shop update has something for nearly everyone:  a floral jumpsuit, a dress seen on Mad Men, satin basketball shorts, a tulip print blouse, and much more.  That fabulous first dress is already in the shop; the rest begin to arrive today.

1950s De Stijl dress by Bobbie Brooks (in the shop!).

1960s Travertine abstract print cotton dress (a.k.a. Helen Bishop of Mad Men's dress).

1950s red and gray plaid cotton sleeveless blouse by Regal.

1960s bright psychedelic floral print cotton shift dress.

1950s red satin basketball shorts by Rawlings.

1960s floral print polished cotton jumpsuit by Mr. "B" of California.

1950s sky blue embroidered shirtwaist dress, Glenbury by Huntington.

1970s handwoven Guatemalan dress.

1950s tulip print blouse by Smart Lady.

1960s batik style print cotton dress.

1960s daisy accented chambray pedal pushers.


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