Monday, August 17, 2015

an idyllic summer

I was recently searching the Google-hosted Life photo archive (which I have to admit I find very confusing to use) for images about summer and came across this collection of beautiful and evocative photos.  I say "collection," but on the site, these are actually called "related images," and since no information about any of them is given whatsoever, I don't actually know that they are all part of the same collection, although some of the same people appear multiple times in the photos.

My guess is that these are from the 1930s, and taken in Europe.  The settings are mostly a seaside beach (beaches?), with some taken in other pastoral locations.  What they all have in common is a feeling of summer joie de vivre, from calisthenics on the beach, to midday naps in the sun, to moments of quiet peace and contemplation.  

Enjoy the photos--there are lots of them--and I hope you're also enjoying your summer.

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