Tuesday, August 4, 2015

i spy: laughing ladies, Lanvin polka dots, more delicious Hamm, and summer lushness from Klimt

In this edition of I Spy: laughing ladies in the 1930s, superb Helsinki street style, more Hamm, and a bar that never changes.

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* In tribute to what would have been Orson Welles' 100th birthday this year, one of my all-time favorite films, The Third Man, has been restored.  This is a German poster for the movie by Heinrich Stengel.  You can see many more beautiful examples of posters for this film at the following link. | MUBI Notebook blog
* Photo of Woody Guthrie performing at McSorley's Ale House in NYC in 1943. (Photo by Eric Schaal-The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images.)  What I love about this is McSorley's looks almost exactly like this to this day--down to the sawdust on the floor.  And Woody's outfit is terrific. | LIFE magazine on Tumblr
* A wonderful photo, dated 1939, of two ladies laughing, apparently at something in Esquire magazine.  I wish I knew what it was! | roni greenwood on Flickr
* If, like me, you're missing Mad Men and Jon Hamm's handsome (and sometimes ridiculous) face, you have options.  You can re-watch Mad Men, and/or you can enjoy him along with Daniel Radcliffe as a 1930s Russian morphine addict in the funny and dark A Young Doctor's Notebook and Other Stories, based on the stories by Mikhail Bulgakov.  Both series of the show are now available on Netflix.  (You can also see Hamm in A Wet Hot American Summer First Day of Camp on Netflix now.)  And that's your Hamm News for the day. | my screenshot; more on my Tumblr
* Ilka Chase modeling a fantastic polka dot dress by Lanvin in May 1925, photo by Edward Steichen. | Corbis

* Gustav Klimt's The Park, 1910 or earlier. | Wikimedia Commons
* Great street style, Victoria in Helsinki!  Love those pants and the pop of color from her scarf.  I'm so glad that Hel-Looks appears to be back in Helsinki and posting street style. | Hel-Looks
* A circa 1920s vasculum.  Isn't it beautiful?  These were used by botanists to safely collect and store plants without crushing them when in the field. | Live Auctioneers
* A door handle in the Bremen City Hall, designed by Franz von Stuck.  This makes me really bummed that I never got to visit the Museum Villa Stuck when we were in Munich.  Next trip! | Culture Design blog


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