Wednesday, June 24, 2015

shop preview: summer fun wear!

Although fall and winter fashions tend to be my favorites to wear, summer clothes are definitely the most fun to sell!  They are colorful, with all kinds of prints and textures, and photographing them is (usually) a breeze.  This week's shop preview features a swell array of summer items:  swimwear, loungewear, an old timey car novelty print blouse, colorful taffeta stripes, and a romper with a Klee-like print.  (And it's just by chance that there are three very different items--a dress, a swimsuit and a robe--made from that quintessentially summer fabric, seersucker, in this update!)  All items begin arriving in the shop starting today.

1960s Heart Garden cotton romper/playsuit.

1950s Catalina red, white and blue seersucker strapless swimsuit.

1970s colorful daisy print sheer seersucker maxi dress.

1970s blue chambray blouse with floral embroidered sleeves.

1950s nautical red swimsuit, by Petti/Glen Junior Sportswear.

1960s old timey car novelty print blouse, by Land 'n Sea.

1940s floral print seersucker cotton robe.

1950s colorfully striped taffeta full skirt, by Emmy Richards Fashions Boston.


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