Thursday, June 4, 2015

shop preview: 1940s-1970s menswear

Just in time for Fathers Day, here's a great selection of men's spring and summer shirts--including a couple of great beachwear pieces and an excellent plaid jacket--that will be arriving in the shop starting today!

1960s yellow and gray plaid shirt.

1940s-50s maroon swirl print Textron shirt.

1970s Art Nouveau/Alphonse Mucha print disco shirt.

1970s wave print beach shirt.

1960s mustard shirt, by Donegal.

1950s plaid flight jacket style windbreaker, by Puritan.

1960s blue plaid shirt, by Puritan.

1960s light denim and terrycloth beach shirt, by McGregor.

1970s sky blue Guayabera shirt, by Haband.


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