Thursday, May 28, 2015

shop preview: stripes of every stripe, old coins and a tulip bouquet

Stripes of every stripe are coming to the shop this week:  arts and crafts style wallpaper flowers, red pinstripes, lines of deerskin fringe, and sky blue woven stripes on capri pants.  Also landing in the shop will be a bouquet of bright tulips, a medieval coin print blouse, and some sun-shaped embroidery.  All items begin arriving in the shop today.  

1950s jade green and white piqué cotton rectangle print dress, by Junard Jr.

1950s red pinstriped sleeveless blouse.

1960s nautical voile shift dress, by Ain R. Jr.

1950s soft butterscotch leather fringed jacket.

1960s Craftsman Floral print dress.

1950s blue striped cuffed capri pants with belt, by Paddle and Saddle Sportswear.

1950s indigo floral brocade dress and jacket set, by Molly Modes.

1950s Groschen coin print polished cotton blouse, by Personal.

1950s tulip print sundress with smocking, by Betty Barclay.

1960s Sunrise Sunset embroidered white button back blouse, by Ship 'n Shore.


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