Monday, May 4, 2015

i spy: 1930s embroidery, Burchfield showers, and a book village

Just a small selection of beautiful images from April.  I don't know anything about the artist Marie Montard, but isn't that book village charming and clever?  And if anyone has seen a photograph of the gorgeous Georges Doeuillet dress in the illustration, please let me know.  It's incredible.

You can see more on my Tumblr and Pinterest.

* 1930s embroidered wool dress | millstreetvintage
* Lull in Summer Rain, by Charles Burchfield, 1916 | Avery Galleries
* Village de livres, book art by Marie Montard |
* A woman named Zola Campbell, rowing a boat on Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada, ca. 1910-1913. | Glenbow Museum Archives on Flickr
1920 fashion illustration for couturier Georges Doeuillet, by André-Edouard Marty. | NYPL Digital Collections


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