Wednesday, February 11, 2015

shop preview: cool blue and hot pink knits, cashmere and mink, and rhinestone cats

This week's shop preview is on the smallish side, since we'll be away all next week on a little trip to visit my parents in Colorado.  But I'll be doing my best to get most of these goodies into the shop before we take off; in fact, you'll see the first two in the shop later today!

1950s Clear Skies bouclé wool knit cardigan and skirt set, by Del-Knit.

Deadstock 1960s hot pink Jantzen Sweater Skirt with belt and original tag attached.

1940s-1950s black and pink dress with nifty collar treatment, by Paul Sachs.

1950s cashmere cardigan with mink collar, by Bernhard Altmann.

1970s tiger and cheetah print chiffon maxi dress with rhinestone eyes and whiskers!

1960s floral print shift dress, by Wilroy for Saks Fifth Avenue.

1960s orange, yellow, and brown striped hand knit cardigan.



  1. That striped sweater is right up my alley ;)

    1. And the book--Harriet the Spy--is one of my childhood favorites! :)


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