Wednesday, August 13, 2014

street style: summer girls, noir dames and spies, and lots of coats

I haven't done a street style post since January (!), so this one's pretty big.  There are some cute summer looks here, but there were so many coats in my favorites that they make up half of this round-up. But the good news is there's something here for everyone, no matter what hemisphere you're in!

summer girls
*Cute nautical stripes and baggy-ish shorts in Genoa. | The Sartorialist
*Folkloric flower pockets! In London. | The Locals
*I just want to step inside this photo and live in it.  Love the pattern mixing.  At the Rimini Grand Hotel. | The Sartorialist 

spies and noir dames
*I love black, and this lady in Helsinki is wearing it all so well. | Hel-Looks
*She may have a camouflage bag and be sporting shades, but I would totally notice this woman and her perfect cycling ensemble.  In Milan. | The Sartorialist
*Proof that you don't have to be in head-to-toe black to look dangerous.  Love the shades, the silver bag, and the lacy skirt--all of it, really!  China Fashion Week. | WGSN Street

slightly wacky winter
*Another pair of sunglasses I'm coveting, and I also love the furry cuffs on this gingham coat.  Paris. | The Sartorialist
*Loving the striped dress, fantastic cranberry coat, and big black handbag. | WGSN Street
*Only in Helsinki!  You really can't be bummed out about winter if you're wearing a furry lavender hat, pink scarf and platform creepers, and carrying such a fun bag.  And it really looks great on her. | Hel-Looks

somewhat more sedate winter
*I feel like this would have been a winter uniform for me if I still lived in NYC.  Love the layering of that fantastic cropped plaid jacket over a longer shirt, and the platforms with the rolled up jeans. Paris. | Street Style Aesthetic
*Furry gray coat + furry mustard scarf + giant black bag = yes, please.  Milan. | The Sartorialist
*This big tapestry coat thingy looks like it was stripped from an old couch.  And I love it.  Paris. | Street Style Aesthetic

Are you enjoying the weather where you are?  Which of these outfits do you most want to be wearing?  I'm at that stage right now where I'm not quite ready for summer to end, though I'm--as always--looking forward to the arrival of autumn (my favorite!).  So part of me wants to be wearing that chic striped shirt and shorts look, and another part wants to cuddle up in that furry gray coat and mustard scarf.


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  1. I'm still in striped Tee and shorts mode. The weather here has been on the cool side for the past several weeks, so it's been like having fall a month and a half early.


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