Friday, August 29, 2014

shop preview: autumn transition

This week's shop preview is full of pieces perfect for transitioning into the autumn weather we'll soon be experiencing in the northern hemisphere.  It includes sleeveless dresses and blouses over which it's easy to wear a cardigan, lightweight fabrics for layering, and both summer brights and richer autumnal shades.

The first few items are already in the shop; the rest are arriving starting today!

1950s Brueghel Rose print silk dress (in the shop!).

1960s Buttercup print blouse with rick rack trim and ruffle cuffs (in the shop).

1970s India cotton Vineyard Festival dress (sold!).

1950s Wild Blue Yonder linen dress by Alison Ayres.

Deadstock 1960s blue fruit and floral print cotton sleeveless blouse by Lady Essex.

1960s psychedelic floral print dress by Cirette.

1950s gray plaid cotton dress with bow.

1970s golfing print skort skirt with bows at the sides by Vested Gentress.

1960s abstract print La Movida dress by White Stag.

1950s Young Republicans bowling shirt by Lady Ramsay Olympian.

1960s tweedy Junior League skirt suit with bow belt.

1950s red plaid blouse by Lady Norris Casuals.

1960s flower embroidered chambray shift dress.

1950s crepe dress with snap-in bow bib by R&K Originals.

1950s white snowflake studded cardigan.

1960s turquoise polka dot scarf collar blouse and pleated skirt set by Countrywise Macshore Classics.

Antique Edwardian lawn and lace dress.

1960s batik floral print cotton shirt dress.



  1. Now that's a stellar update! I really enjoy these posts, Karen. The Young Republicans shirt is awesome but I am coveting the psychedelic floral print dress.

    1. Thanks, Jenn! :) Yes, the Young Republicans bowling shirt is pretty funny. That psychedelic floral print is a personal favorite. . . I'm getting the listing ready right now, in fact, and it will be in the shop later today!


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