Wednesday, August 6, 2014

i spy: hearts on frocks, dark glamour and serious moonlight

Inspiring me now: gals wearing their hearts on their frocks, light interiors and dark exteriors, louche glamour, a great writer trying on wooden eyeglasses, and a perfect summer "street style" shot (I want to be wearing that outfit and on that beach in the Sartorialist photo!).  You can see more of this on my Pinterest and Tumblr

clockwise, starting in upper left corner:
*La Morphinomane, Vittorio Matteo Corcos, 1899 | Wikimedia Commons
*Schiaparelli Haute Couture, Fall 2014-15 | via
*Boris Lipnitzki, Jeune femme sortant d’une voiture, Paris, 1934 | via
*Lesser Ury, Nelken in grüner Glasvase, 1906 | Wikimedia
*Charles Baudelaire, Les fleurs du mal, Paris: Michel Lévy frères, 1868–69 | Christie's

*Maeve Brennan of Harper's Bazaar trying on a pair of wooden frame glasses, 1945.  Photo by Nina Leen.  This month I read Brennan's book of city stories that she wrote for The New Yorker, The Long-Winded Lady.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever lived in or just plain loves New York City. | via
*Apertivo Before Dinner at Rimini Grand Hotel Rimini.  Great outfit, beautiful photo, gorgeous setting! | The Sartorialist
*Martin Lewis, Winter Moon, 1918 | Indianapolis Museum of Art
*circa 1940s German found photo of a young girl in fancy dress | Raymondx1 on Flickr
*artist unknown, Süddeutsches Interieur, 19th century | Auktionshaus Bergmann


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  1. That Schiaparelli collection is interesting. Nice to see a bit of surrealism!


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