Wednesday, January 8, 2014

a tweedy and woolen new year

Hello, and happy new year!  It's the first shop preview of 2014.  There are a couple suits for those heading back to work (or just pretending to be a horsey type on an English estate), and lots of wool and tweedy things to keep warm in.  And for those in the southern hemisphere (or just dreaming of spring), there's a lovely blue plaid dress with bow-shaped buttons.  All on their way to the shop!

1960s chocolate brown Bill Blass for Maurice Rentner suit.

1960s cream wool bouclé military style coat.

1960s gray linen chevron stripe dress.

1980s Jantzen fair isle wool cardigan.

1950s blue plaid dress with little bow buttons, by Abby-Kent.

1940s tweedy wool swing coat, by Argyle.

1960s camel and gray plaid button front skirt, by Madison.

1970s women's raspberry and honey plaid wool fitted jacket with elbow patches.

1940s navy crepe dress with gold Lurex stripe collar, by Mynette.

1960s wallpaper floral turtleneck sweater, by Jantzen.

1970s gray wool tweed skirt suit, by John Meyer.

New Zealand wool sweater with fringed scarf, by Kowhai Knitwear.



  1. I want to pretend to be a horsey type on an English estate!!

  2. Oh! I am loving that Ivory military style coat. I would feel so very sophisticated in it.

  3. That Bill Blass is incredible. So classy!


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