Monday, January 13, 2014

i spy: wintry scenes, a cityscape dress, and a fancy canine

I don't mind the sepia and gray palette that is winter in Michigan; in fact, I rather like it...and it was sepia and gray images that caught my eye last month.  I particularly love that amazing 1920s cityscape print dress, and the idea of making Carte de Visite cards for a dog.  (See more on my Tumblr and Pinterest.)

(clockwise, from upper left)
*Paris street style. / Street Style Aesthetic
*a Carte de Visite portrait of a dog named Dellie, ca. 1860-80, which has me convinced I need to get CdV cards for Pickles. / Cowan's Auctions
*Ice skaters at Vienna's Heumarkt, ca. 1910. /
*German postcard. / source
*December by Theodor Kittelsen / source
*model wearing an incredible cityscape print dress from Stehli Silks Americana print collection, 1925. / Metropolitan Museum of Art



  1. That cityscape dress is amazing!

  2. I love that Theodor Kittelsen painting. LOVE.


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